Course Details

Course Details

BUSINESSWORKS(BW) Course Overview:

   TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks  is an addition product suite for enterprise, web, and mobile applications. The software allows you to generate services and put together applications using a visual, model-driven growth environment, and then organize them in the ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks runtime. 

TIBCO BusinessWorks Cource Content :

1.)EAI concepts
  • Introduction to Integration and EAI tools
  • EAI tools in the market
  • what is TIBCO? 
  • TIBCO Runtime Agent(TRA)
  • How TIBCO Supports EAI 
3.)Process Design concepts( Will be presented as per TIBCO )

4.)TIBCO Business Works
  • Introduction to Business Works
  • Installation of TIBCO
  • Overview of TIBCO Designer and Tester Utility
  • Working with Palettes with complex Transformation
  • FILE
  • XML
  • Parse
  • HTTP( Calling processes from HTML forms,sending attachemnts like PDF documents,Images and text files
  • JDBC( including advanced databased concepts)
  • XML Tools
  • XML activities
  • General configuration Palette
  • JMS Palette
  • JAVA Palette
  • Transaction Palette
  • Service Palette
  • Creating Alias Library
  • Overview of Grouping and its Usage
  • Introduction to web services and SOAP
  • email activity( Send and Receive,including sending attachements 
5.)Error Handling,Exception Handling,Logfiles,Auditing

6.)Web Services(UDDI ,WSDL,SOAP )
  • webservices implementation in TIBCO BW using SOAP Palette /Service Palette
  • SOAP attachment,Retrieve Resources,( SOAP 1.1 and 1.2)
  • Webservice Security WSS(Inegrety ,Authenitcation,Authorization,Digital signature,Security Policy)
  • Creating Webservices by SOAP Server and Service activity 
  • Introduction and Architecture of JMS
  • Overview of EMS
  • Messages Mode
  • Differentiate Between Topics and Queues
  • Creation of Topics/Queues

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