TIBCO Designer

   TIBCO Designer allows you to with no problem to create integration projects for your project computing surroundings. TIBCO Designer is obtainable as a graphical user interface to different TIBCO products and is used by those products for configuration. Depending on the product you installed, you can, for example, use TIBCO Designer to make TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks process definitions or generate or modify adapter configurations.

 • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks is a scalable, extensible, and easy to use integration platform that allows you to expand, deploy, and run integration projects. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks also includes an engine that executes the process, and a web-based GUI for monitoring and organization run-time components.
 • Adapters allow you to organize the interface between an external system, such as an SAP R/3 application or a database, and the TIBCO ActiveEnterprise environment. Adapters are obtainable as separate products.
 • routine adapters are created using the TIBCO Adapter SDK. You can prepare an adapter pattern for custom adapters using the Adapter Resources and Adapter Schemas palettes, which are discussed in TIBCO Designer Palette situation.
• TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Collaborator gives companies the capability to manage business activities, measure their effectiveness, and optimize them more time.

   The product facilitates complete visibility into business behavior, along with the ability to collaborate on the modeling and change of the rules and flows that define business those activities. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks associate uses TIBCO Designer for configuration of FormFlows processes and for preparing Enterprise documentation files.

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