TIBCO BusinessWorks FAQ's (Part1)

What is the use of service container?
In the latest version of TIBCO Active Matrix Business Works a new feature called Service container is added. In this service container we can add number of EAR files and run all the services simultaneously. With the Service container feature we can add and upgrade processes without bringing down other running processes.

In how any ways can we create EAR files?
We can build EAR files in 2 ways. One method is using the Enterprise Archive pallete in the Tibco designer and adding the process archive we can build EAR file.
Other method is from the cmd prompt. We use the command appmanage and buildear.

What is Schema and why do we create schema.
Schema is used to create a XML schema file in which we add the variables which we want to use in our designer process. We can create the elements under which we can add the typed variables. The structure formed will be in the form of tree structure.

What is the use of confirm activity.
Confirm activity is used to confirm the success of a activity that have confirmable messages. For example if certain process starts on reception of a message then if that process starts the confirm activity sends a confirm message to the sender of the message.

What are the different modes of tibco BW installation?
There are 3 modes installation.
They are
a) GUI
b) Console
c) silent

When we save a project what files are created under the saved project folder.
In that folder we see the Aeschema folder; all processes create in that project and the vcrepo.dat file.

What is AESchema?
Its a active enterprise schema
The AESchema resource contains folders for the classes, sequences, etc. to be used by the adapter if you are creating an SDK-based adapter, you can configure Schema resources using the AESchemas.
By default AEschema folder will come , You can't delete this folder .

What are the contents of vcrepo.dat?
This files contains the display name, RV encodings and description.

What is grouping activity?
Grouping activity is used to group certain activities used in the designer so that we can loop those activities and iterate the group with conditions.

What is the condition for a process in order to build the EAR file?
We need to have a process starter.

How can we design exception handling?
The basic method is by routing the process to another sub process whenever error occurs by using the error transition.

What is the use of Render XML pallet.
It is used to create a XML file by creating the tags used in the xml file.

What are the elements in the WSDL file?
In abstract WSDl file we have the information about the messages (request, reply) port type, operation. In concrete in addition to above we have the transport information.

What is the use of global variables?
 Global variables are useful in order to provide dynamic input at the run time.

What is custom activity?
Custom activity is useful when we want others to use our process and not allow them to view the contents of the process. We can add this process into our MY Pallete section. We can directly use this process by dragging it into our process.

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